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We're all about making low-cost, open-source robotics solutions. We have a range of products to get your project off the ground and we even offer consulting to help customers with their specific needs.

We have a focus on empowering education by lowering the barrier to entry on both the cost and difficulty factors of robotics. Our Lego Battery Multi-charger is a sub-$100 solution to a problem that would usually cost over $300. We're disrupting the educational resource market for robotics and not going to stop until every student in Australia has affordable access to robotics.

Liam Kinne

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Liam Kinne


LEGO Battery Multi-Charger
LEGO Battery Multi-Charger

This is a drop in replacement to the MTA Lego Muticharger for a 3rd of the cost.

PixyCam Breakout Board
PixyCam Breakout Board

Simple solution to no fuss pixy breadboard development



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